Book review: Space Jumpers

Space Jumpers is a mind-bending story about a young man coming neck deep into trouble. Trouble that he caused himself. This review contains spoilers. Click for Amazon Title: Space JumpersSeries: The Young Soldier Book 1Author: M.K. ClarkRelease: March 2017Genre: YA, Sci-FiGoodreads: HERE Switching lives was supposed to be the answer, not the problem. Now, he'll have to … Continue reading Book review: Space Jumpers

Cover Reveal: Capture the Sky

It’s my favorite time again! Cover reveal time! Before I start, I wanna say something to all my Indie authors out there. Please seek publicity for yourself. It warms my heart to do cover reveals, book tours and blitz because I know I am helping your books reach new readers! Take advantage of these awesome events for … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Capture the Sky

Book Review: Knight in Paper Armor

Knight in Paper Armor by Nicholas Conley is a well written story with a full range of themes that require you to open your mind, embrace differences and follow the characters on a wild ride, in and out of reality. Click for Amazon Title: Knight in Paper ArmorAuthor: Nicholas ConleyRelease: September 2020Genre: Fantasy AdventureGoodreads HERE … Continue reading Book Review: Knight in Paper Armor

Book Review: Sand Runner

Sand Runner by Vera Brook is in the running for my favorite book of the year. With impressive character development, beautiful varied settings and just the right amount of drama, I was entranced from page one. Click for Amazon Title: Sand Runner: Book 1Author: Vera BrookRelease: June 2017Genre: Teen and YA DystopianGoodreads HERE In the … Continue reading Book Review: Sand Runner

Book Blitz: The Given

I’m very excited to feature in this Book Blitz with Storytellers on Tour! I'm interviewing Gary Clark this time and I'm happy to share his wonderful book The Given! Book BlurbIn a world where the power to read minds is outlawed, can Jay ever find freedom?Jay must hide her true abilities if she is to stay … Continue reading Book Blitz: The Given

Cover Reveal: White As Frost

Cover Reveal Time!!! Another beautifully crafted event by Storytellers On Tour. I absolutely love working with them! Also, they have some of the most beautiful covers. The last few I've shared have just made me gasp when I saw them! Anthea Sharp is releasing this book in Hardcover and let me tell you, this cover and … Continue reading Cover Reveal: White As Frost

Book Review: Enemy Rising

Enemy Rising by C.J. Fisher has twists that keep coming to the last page. This YA post-apocalyptic, zombie, multiple POV novel is full of outstanding characters, all of which could, or could not, be your enemy at any given time. Title: Enemy Rising (The Cursed Chronicles Book 1) Author: C.J. FisherRelease: December 2019Genre: YA, Post-Apocalyptic Goodreads … Continue reading Book Review: Enemy Rising