Really! I’m almost done with the sequel!

Really! I'm almost done with the sequel! Check out this excerpt! Share your feedback with me!

Must… write… now!

I need some help. I have been trying to write Michael Taylor for a while now, and have actually written 2 or 3 versions of book 2 already! But I keep feeling unsatisfied with the outcome. I keep thinking that I need to give more in one direction or the other, but I don't know really, what … Continue reading Must… write… now!

Some Inspiration for my Friends!

I subscribed to email from and I got a great email from them the other day. They weren't trying to sell anything or beg for money, unlike a lot of emails I get from other people now a days... The email was more like inspiration to keep on trying. It was about "the importance of … Continue reading Some Inspiration for my Friends!

Not dead…

That face up there... That's why you haven't heard from me. I am full blown engulfed in editing Michael Taylor Part Two (Untitled) and I have to tell you, this book sucks!!! First of all, gimme my props for admitting that. Second, let me tell you why the first draft of my new book sucks: 1. I … Continue reading Not dead…

Help me grow…

... and I'll help you grow! I have been on a mission to better my writing. Using dictionary and thesaurus (two different kinds) like bible since I started my second string of editing on MT2 has shown me that I need more than that! Please take this post as an opportunity to help me grow … Continue reading Help me grow…

My Writing Process

My homie Necole Ryse invited me to this blog hop. Of course I’m so preoccupied with other whatevas that I didn’t let her know til Monday that I wanted to get in on it. And whats worse? I knew I wanted to get in on it but I wasn’t sure I would have time so … Continue reading My Writing Process

Brawly: Part 1

Brawly Part 1: Welcome Back to Oakland   I entered the muggy building and lifted my arms above my head in victory. I was so glad to be back! No one noticed me when I walked in though. This was typical. I’m a nobody. I shifted my duffle bag higher on my shoulder and headed … Continue reading Brawly: Part 1