Looking for beta readers!

I'm setting a deadline for myself because I'm kinda getting bogged down between do or don't edit. It's time to get serious! I just realized I'm missing this year's #RevPit because I haven't had my book beta read yet... That sucks because I could have potentially gotten a free developmental edit... I guess if I'm … Continue reading Looking for beta readers!


What is a reader magnet?

I feel like I throw this term around a lot and I'm not sure people actually know what it is...  A “reader magnet” is a story that you give away to anyone who signs up to your mailing list. This is also called a lead magnet in other types of marketing. Here is mine! http://bit.ly/ReadyPrequelContinue reading What is a reader magnet?

Questions Answered! Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares

Listen up guys! I was so enamored with Beyond the Rail that I reached out to Ichabod for an interview! He was gracious enough to spill the beans and answer my questions! Click for Amazon Title: Beyond the Rail and Other NightmaresAuthor: Ichabod EbenezerRelease: June 2021Genre: Horror, Dark FictionGoodreads HERE Beyond the Rail and other Nightmares is … Continue reading Questions Answered! Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares

Copyright: Protecting your Gold

This topic comes up a lot when we discuss Beta Readers. I have had the pleasure of working with fiercely loyal Beta's who would never even think of stealing my work but if you don't know trustworthy people who you would be comfortable giving the task, you can find Beta's in all sorts of places … Continue reading Copyright: Protecting your Gold

Dumping Fields

I wrote this story a long time ago, but I wanted to share it again. It was based on a noun challenge given to me by some friends in a facebook group. Here is a link to the challenge if you're interested --> Here My words were potato, place, girls, planes, and river. Enjoy. Dumping … Continue reading Dumping Fields

Stakes (should be) high

I have been trying to write my Crime Fiction novel Completion, since May. Here is a little reminder of what this story is about... Completion is a novel about a series of ritualistic murders. 3 women at a time are being murdered, gutted and displayed around San Francisco’s business and tourist district. Dr. Ali Marshall is … Continue reading Stakes (should be) high

July, going on August

Another NaNoWriMo almost down, another lost event for me. BUT as you can see from the last line of this tweet... I only failed because I am SO in love with THREE different WIP I have going on. Not only has Completion been begging me to put some words to it, but I have two … Continue reading July, going on August

#Fail: My April NaNo Update

Sometimes, it's just not time for somethings. You want them, but they are just not for you at that moment. This is my relationship with April Camp NaNoWriMo. I wrote a whopping 9,818 words out of my 70k goal... Do chapter titles and headings count? Ugh. I tried y'all. I really tried. I consulted with … Continue reading #Fail: My April NaNo Update

Let’s talk about Beta’s

Not fish. Beta Readers! An authors best friend! I freaking love beta's. This post will be ALL ABOUT BETA'S! Here we go! What is a Beta Reader?? A beta reader is usually an unpaid test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing, who gives feedback from the point of view of an … Continue reading Let’s talk about Beta’s