What is a reader magnet?

I feel like I throw this term around a lot and I'm not sure people actually know what it is...  A “reader magnet” is a story that you give away to anyone who signs up to your mailing list. This is also called a lead magnet in other types of marketing. Here is mine! http://bit.ly/ReadyPrequelContinue reading What is a reader magnet?

3 Rules of Writing

I interviewed an author recently at Rebellion LIT and she referred to an article that I really enjoyed. I just wanted to share a few quotes from the article and another from the same site. First, Neil Gaiman. I have to admit, I didn't know who Gaiman was until last year when a good friend … Continue reading 3 Rules of Writing

Removing Undesirables: Had

I want to start each of these articles by saying: ALL WORDS ARE IMPORTANT AND NO WORD SHOULD never BE USED. I know that is bad English but what I mean is, although this whole article is about removing a word, I am not here to field comments about how this word is valuable and … Continue reading Removing Undesirables: Had