Social Media: Use em all?

I've had so many conversations about social media in the seven years that I've been writing as a career and over time I've learned a valuable lesson about it all. Recently I got on TikTok. If you don't know what TikTok is, good for you. I'm there for plants and food videos mostly, but a … Continue reading Social Media: Use em all?

My Marketing Plan

Hey guys! While I was going through my Marketing resources blog post, preparing to release it, I realized that with all these tools to enhance and push marketing, I didn't have anything that discussed an actual marketing plan. Basically, all the things in that blog post are pieces of a complete marketing plan but how … Continue reading My Marketing Plan

Stakes (should be) high

I have been trying to write my Crime Fiction novel Completion, since May. Here is a little reminder of what this story is about... Completion is a novel about a series of ritualistic murders. 3 women at a time are being murdered, gutted and displayed around San Francisco‚Äôs business and tourist district. Dr. Ali Marshall is … Continue reading Stakes (should be) high

My Outlining Process

This is a looooooooooong post: Prepare yourself. I am an avid outliner. A lot of people who talk about outlining, get real technical, real quick which I think dissuades some people who are less technical, from doing outlining. I hope my strategy is easy, but also detailed enough to help you perfect your time management and … Continue reading My Outlining Process

Help me grow…

... and I'll help you grow! I have been on a mission to better my writing. Using dictionary and thesaurus (two different kinds) like bible since I started my second string of editing on MT2 has shown me that I need more than that! Please take this post as an opportunity to help me grow … Continue reading Help me grow…