The story is literally in my mind

I'm working on a new short story collection. If you haven't read my CURRENT short story collection "Helpless" then let me tell you! Readers love it. lol. Reviews are excellent and I'm super proud of the work. It's also an audiobook now! If you're interested in getting the audiobook for FREE with Audible, comment below! … Continue reading The story is literally in my mind

Dumping Fields

I wrote this story a long time ago, but I wanted to share it again. It was based on a noun challenge given to me by some friends in a facebook group. Here is a link to the challenge if you're interested --> Here My words were potato, place, girls, planes, and river. Enjoy. Dumping … Continue reading Dumping Fields

Must… write… now!

I need some help. I have been trying to write Michael Taylor for a while now, and have actually written 2 or 3 versions of book 2 already! But I keep feeling unsatisfied with the outcome. I keep thinking that I need to give more in one direction or the other, but I don't know really, what … Continue reading Must… write… now!

Some Inspiration for my Friends!

I subscribed to email from and I got a great email from them the other day. They weren't trying to sell anything or beg for money, unlike a lot of emails I get from other people now a days... The email was more like inspiration to keep on trying. It was about "the importance of … Continue reading Some Inspiration for my Friends!

Not dead…

That face up there... That's why you haven't heard from me. I am full blown engulfed in editing Michael Taylor Part Two (Untitled) and I have to tell you, this book sucks!!! First of all, gimme my props for admitting that. Second, let me tell you why the first draft of my new book sucks: 1. I … Continue reading Not dead…

Help me grow…

... and I'll help you grow! I have been on a mission to better my writing. Using dictionary and thesaurus (two different kinds) like bible since I started my second string of editing on MT2 has shown me that I need more than that! Please take this post as an opportunity to help me grow … Continue reading Help me grow…

My Writing Process

My homie Necole Ryse invited me to this blog hop. Of course I’m so preoccupied with other whatevas that I didn’t let her know til Monday that I wanted to get in on it. And whats worse? I knew I wanted to get in on it but I wasn’t sure I would have time so … Continue reading My Writing Process