Cover Reveal: A Girl from Forver

It’s my favorite time again! Cover reveal time! Before I start, I wanna say something to all my Indie authors out there. Please seek publicity for yourself. It warms my heart to do cover reveals, book tours and blitz because I know I am helping your books reach new readers! Take advantage of these awesome events for … Continue reading Cover Reveal: A Girl from Forver

Book Review: Eternal Love

Eternal Love by Nived is a Fantasy romance with excellent character development and a plot that will have you thinking one way when it is totally another. Click for Amazon Title: Eternal LoveAuthor: NivedRelease: November 2020Genre: Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ+Goodreads HERE Devin is your average college student, with dreams of seeing the world with her camera … Continue reading Book Review: Eternal Love

Cover Reveal! My NEW BOOK!

Oh my, this is weird... A cover reveal... And its for MY BOOK! lol. It's my name! lol Obviously, I didn't sign up for me own cover reveal but I had to reveal my own cover!! I am so excited about sharing this book with you all! My passion for Women's Lit has been intense … Continue reading Cover Reveal! My NEW BOOK!

Book Review: Dark

Dark by Kat Kinney is a Fantasy Romance with a lot of excellent things such as werewolves, coffee and rock and roll! This story is steamy and the romance element is a good contrast to the element of danger presented along side. Title: DarkAuthor: Kat KinneyRelease: August 2019Genre: Fantasy, RomanceGoodreads Link: Here When Hayden Crowe shows … Continue reading Book Review: Dark

Book Review: Her Pefect Cup of Tea

Her Perfect Cup of Tea by Lavina Serrao is a short story packed with subtle but effective character development, a little intrigue and romance to top it off. Click for Amazon Title: Her Perfect Cup of TeaAuthor: Lavina SerraoRelease: January 2021Genre: Romance, Short StoryGoodreads Link: Here She loves her morning cup of tea, brewed to perfection … Continue reading Book Review: Her Pefect Cup of Tea


Good news! It's never really done until the Editor says so! And the great one has spoken! I got back the FINAL edits from my editor! On top of that! I also got back another illustration! I should be getting a third today and that would be all I need to order my merch for … Continue reading THE COLLECTION: UPDATE Six

Cover Reveal: The Italian Happy Ever After

Time for a cover reveal! This one is pretty sexy! Keep scrolling to read short except! Title: The Italian Happy Ever AfterAuthor: N.J. AdelGenre: Rom-ComRelease Date: March 12, 2021Model: Luciano Dino EndrizziPhotographer: Dalia HazzaGoodreads: HERE Please vote for The Italian HEA on March 2021 Most Anticipated Romance Releases! Blurb: It started with a thong.A … Continue reading Cover Reveal: The Italian Happy Ever After

Book Review: Pleasurable Consequences

Pleasurable Consequences by J.C. Maine is a book that explores the complications of infidelity from the perspective of someone who seems unaware that his actions have consequences for not just himself. Click for Amazon Title: Pleasurable ConsequencesAuthor: J.C. MaineRelease: March 2020Genre: African American Romance, EroticGoodreads Link: Here Alex Emerson is a married man with two kids. … Continue reading Book Review: Pleasurable Consequences

Book SWAG! The where and how of my giveaway merch

Yo, yo, yo, yo, I got Swag! Not that kind of swag... Book Swag! That's better. For my upcoming release, my short story collection, I'm going to have an AMAZING giveaway. I'm giving away so many things! First I'll start by letting you know how I'm doing the giveaway. The giveaway will be hosted on … Continue reading Book SWAG! The where and how of my giveaway merch