Book Review: Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares

Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares is a beautifully creepy horror and dark fiction collection that will leave you aghast for many reasons. Click for Amazon Title: Beyond the Rail and Other NightmaresAuthor: Ichabod EbenezerRelease: June 2021Genre: Horror, Dark FictionGoodreads HERE A petty thief steals a car and the curse that comes with it…An abandoned laptop … Continue reading Book Review: Beyond the Rail and Other Nightmares

Book Review: Drowning

Drowning: A Memoir by Andy Palmer is a story packed with emotion and heart. Title: Drowning: A MemoirAuthor: Andy PalmerRelease: August 2020Genre: Memoir, Alcoholism Andy is trying to escape. His diet of booze and drugs has pushed everything good away. After his mum saves his life by sucking vomit from his lungs, he sets off … Continue reading Book Review: Drowning

Books of the Year!

Wow, 2020 was the best reading year of my life. I got to read so many books but really, I wanted to read more. Of all the books I read this year, these are my top 10 favorites! Yes, this is a list. Not everyone can be number one but I LOVED all these books … Continue reading Books of the Year!

Letter to Reviewers

Dear Reviewers, Why are you so ignorant? I guess so many people in the world are ignorant that you and others, just can't help themselves. What ever happened to "to each his own". Consumerism is being driven by reviews now, but I'm getting so tired of seeing lazy people, dummies who don't read directions, and … Continue reading Letter to Reviewers