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Flashback: Karma

A fan requested that I post this story from For This Cause Writers Unite. It's a short story about infidelity and a revenge that could only come through fate! Enjoy!   Karma by Tiffany Christina Lewis Published April 2012 Dolphins sleep with their eyes open. Just like cheaters. I know this, because I am one. … Continue reading Flashback: Karma

Attention Costs

Sooooooooooooo, sometimes magazines fall apart. Anyone who goes to my publications will see that my poem "Attention Costs" is no longer available online. The website for  Daily Love Magazine is closed. So, I want to make sure folks can read my work. Below is my poem Attention Costs which was originally published by in … Continue reading Attention Costs

Flashback: A Slave to Her

Time for a Flashback to one of my favorite stories that I have had published in a literary magazine! I have some other favorites but they are in For This Cause Writes Unite which is for sale on Amazon. Anywho! This story is listed in my Publications link but I wanted to give it a … Continue reading Flashback: A Slave to Her