Maya Angelo (1928-2014)

I do not pretend to be a poet but I am an African American woman. I do not pretend to have had a hard life but that is because things have been made easy for me. Maya Angelou will always be remembered by me, African American writers everywhere and readers of every shape, color, gender … Continue reading Maya Angelo (1928-2014)

Attention Costs

Sooooooooooooo, sometimes magazines fall apart. Anyone who goes to my publications will see that my poem "Attention Costs" is no longer available online. The website for  Daily Love Magazine is closed. So, I want to make sure folks can read my work. Below is my poem Attention Costs which was originally published by in … Continue reading Attention Costs

New Publication!

I have a poem published today on the front page of! It's called Attention Costs. Once the day is over it will be archived so I will have it listed on the Publications page. Thanks for the Love and Support! I am MAAAAAD late, as my New York friends would say: Update: <--- where you … Continue reading New Publication!