Book Review: Days of Revelation

Days of Revelation by J.C. Maine has one of the most unique plots I've ever read. As a Crime Fiction fan, I love the mystery element but this book is deeper than crime and criminals. Much deeper. Title: Days of RevelationAuthor: J.C. MaineRelease: February 2021Genre: Paranormal SuspenseGoodreads HERE David Christian is a man who has … Continue reading Book Review: Days of Revelation

Book Review: The Alvah

The Alvah by Molly-Jaye Kirchner is in the running for my favorite book of the year. The mix of paranormal (occult), romantic, and crime fiction is 100% amazing and intriguing. Click for Amazon Title: The AlvahAuthor: Molly-Jaye KirchnerRelease: February 2021Genre: Occult SupernaturalGoodreads HERE In the small lake town of Scarlett, Ohio, Detective Rachel Sanborn is … Continue reading Book Review: The Alvah

Cover Reveal! My NEW BOOK!

Oh my, this is weird... A cover reveal... And its for MY BOOK! lol. It's my name! lol Obviously, I didn't sign up for me own cover reveal but I had to reveal my own cover!! I am so excited about sharing this book with you all! My passion for Women's Lit has been intense … Continue reading Cover Reveal! My NEW BOOK!