Book Review: Eternal Love

Eternal Love by Nived is a Fantasy romance with excellent character development and a plot that will have you thinking one way when it is totally another. Click for Amazon Title: Eternal LoveAuthor: NivedRelease: November 2020Genre: Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ+Goodreads HERE Devin is your average college student, with dreams of seeing the world with her camera … Continue reading Book Review: Eternal Love

Book Review: Dark

Dark by Kat Kinney is a Fantasy Romance with a lot of excellent things such as werewolves, coffee and rock and roll! This story is steamy and the romance element is a good contrast to the element of danger presented along side. Title: DarkAuthor: Kat KinneyRelease: August 2019Genre: Fantasy, RomanceGoodreads Link: Here When Hayden Crowe shows … Continue reading Book Review: Dark

Book Review: Jilted

Jilted by Azaaa Davis is a fantasy and paranormal romance that doesn't take itself too serious. It is so fun and well-themed that it can really suck you in! Click Cover for Amazon Title: JiltedSeries: Never Marry a Shifter Book 1Author: Azaaa DavisRelease: January 12, 2021Genre: Paranormal Romance, FantasyGoodreads Link:┬áHere Administrative assistant by day and … Continue reading Book Review: Jilted