Who is Alyssa?

Alyssa is my friend. A broken and reconstructed woman who went through hell to come out changed. Stronger, smarter and carrying less baggage in the end, Alyssa is a survivor. I love her. She's lived in my head since January 2019. I finished the manuscript for her story in four months but it's taken me … Continue reading Who is Alyssa?

Stitches is LIVE!

Hey guys! My latest release is available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback! Although, my preorder is over, I have some left over Swag so I will continue to include it with any autographed copies of my books ordered from my personal website, until Swag runs out. Thank you all so much for your support! … Continue reading Stitches is LIVE!

Introducing Brawly

  Who is Brawly? Brawly is not a boxer, really, as much as he's a brawler. He tries diligently to please others but he can't fight his wild spirit or his bad upbringing. Oakland is his home town and he thrives in the crime riddled environment. ┬áHe keeps up with trouble and neglects positive advice. … Continue reading Introducing Brawly

Book Cover Release!!!

So, you, subscriber, you have made it. You are the best. You will now be awarded with my book cover! and here is the cover AMAZING! Right? I'm so happy with it! Thank you Pro eBook Covers! Thank you Fiverr! Very inexpensive. So now, Here's my timeline: The contest has been moved back a week … Continue reading Book Cover Release!!!