Editing Tips from the Anxious

I wanted to share some editing tips. My anxiety actually makes me a decent editor! Although I am not a professional or even partially good at grammar, I have a few ideas for you! Read your manuscript out loud: This is so important because reading out loud and reading in your head is very different. … Continue reading Editing Tips from the Anxious

Anxiety and Goals: Why I Hate Them Both

Anxiety is real and it is aggressive. It can be never ending and it is hard to control. The other shitty thing about anxiety is that the fears are COMPLETELY PERSONAL, for me at least. Other people rarely have expectations of me that I cannot meet. But my biggest triggers for anxiety are goals and … Continue reading Anxiety and Goals: Why I Hate Them Both

34 years old and counting

Today is my birthday. I'm excited. Really. lol. My birthday is part of the reason I am relaxing more about goals and perfectionism. It's also why I need to relax more. When I turned 29, I literally freaked out. I had (have) no real retirement, nothing to my name and no plan for making sure … Continue reading 34 years old and counting