Book Review: Pieces of Eight

So, usually, I have an order of operations on my reviews, but gosh, this book caught me off guard. I have so much to say. First of all, how did I not realize that Holliday is addicted to coffee? Welcome back to Empire City! Click for Amazon Title: Pieces of EightAuthor: Peter HartogRelease: June 2021Genre: … Continue reading Book Review: Pieces of Eight

Book Review: Sacrilege

Sacrilege by Barbara Avon is the story of two people in deep need of something, but will they be able to figure out what it is before they destroy themselves? Click for Amazon Title: SacrilegeAuthor: Barbara AvonRelease: October 2020Genre: Psychological Fiction, HorrorGoodreads Link: Here Wayward priest Cris Corelli rids himself of the sacred collar and leaves … Continue reading Book Review: Sacrilege

Book Tour Stop: Rise of One

I'm very excited to feature in my first Book Tour with Storytellers on Tour! I've had the honor of receiving a copy of Rise of One by Dixon Reuel and I'm ready to share my review with you. Also, keep scrolling! There is a Giveaway! Yay for free books! I'm on the next to last … Continue reading Book Tour Stop: Rise of One

Book Review: Enemy Rising

Enemy Rising by C.J. Fisher has twists that keep coming to the last page. This YA post-apocalyptic, zombie, multiple POV novel is full of outstanding characters, all of which could, or could not, be your enemy at any given time. Title: Enemy Rising (The Cursed Chronicles Book 1) Author: C.J. FisherRelease: December 2019Genre: YA, Post-Apocalyptic Goodreads … Continue reading Book Review: Enemy Rising

Book Review: Luxuria

Luxuria is an easy to read book with a good balance of erotic and adventure scenes. Author James Fuller creates a wild story - in more ways than one! Click for Amazon Title: LuxuriaAuthor: James FullerGenre: Erotica, FantasyAudible Link: HereGoodreads: Here With the whispers of a dead man echoing promises of power, wealth and desire, the … Continue reading Book Review: Luxuria

Book Review: Jilted

Jilted by Azaaa Davis is a fantasy and paranormal romance that doesn't take itself too serious. It is so fun and well-themed that it can really suck you in! Click Cover for Amazon Title: JiltedSeries: Never Marry a Shifter Book 1Author: Azaaa DavisRelease: January 12, 2021Genre: Paranormal Romance, FantasyGoodreads Link:┬áHere Administrative assistant by day and … Continue reading Book Review: Jilted

Book Review: A Touch of Death

A Touch of Death is the first book in a Dystopian pentalogy with a unique world full of technology as well as ancient practices that create a fascinating back drop for the characters to navigate. Title: A Touch of Death Series: The Outlands Pentalogy Book 1Author: Rebecca CrundenGenre: Dystopian Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure, RomanceGoodreads: Here Thank you to … Continue reading Book Review: A Touch of Death

New Book! Becoming the Hitman

I'm very excited about announcing this book. I've been given the opportunity to receive an ARC copy of the book so I can tell you, it's good! And steamy! Becoming the Hitman is available now! Title: Becoming the HitmanSeries: Zanetti Famiglia SeriesAuthor: Hayley FaimanRelease: January 7, 2021Genre: Mafia Romance SuspenseCover Design: Pink Ink DesignsGoodreads: reading New Book! Becoming the Hitman

Book Review: The High Crown Chronicles

The High Crown Chronicles by Jodi Gallegos is a rollercoaster centered around a naive, yet highly capable, newbie queen with a lot on her shoulders. Learning hard lessons every day, we are invited to follow her in this first person narrative, full of tough adversaries and bold allies. Click for Link to Amazon! Title: The … Continue reading Book Review: The High Crown Chronicles