Life and Contests!

Life has been hard. The End. On a lighter note I am in a CONTEST! Vote EVERYDAY for my AMAZING book cover here --> Masquerade Crew Cover Wars!

My Writing Process

My homie Necole Ryse invited me to this blog hop. Of course I’m so preoccupied with other whatevas that I didn’t let her know til Monday that I wanted to get in on it. And whats worse? I knew I wanted to get in on it but I wasn’t sure I would have time so … Continue reading My Writing Process


CONTEST TIME! Michael Taylor and his fellow detectives at the PD have a lot of facts and information they have to gather in each case. On top of that, Oakland California is abundant with statistics that make it a haven for crime buffs. Tiffany wants to reward 5 of you crime lovers with a FREE … Continue reading Contest!!!