Book Review: Pleasurable Consequences

Pleasurable Consequences by J.C. Maine is a book that explores the complications of infidelity from the perspective of someone who seems unaware that his actions have consequences for not just himself. Click for Amazon Title: Pleasurable ConsequencesAuthor: J.C. MaineRelease: March 2020Genre: African American Romance, EroticGoodreads Link: Here Alex Emerson is a married man with two kids. … Continue reading Book Review: Pleasurable Consequences


Book Review: Luxuria

Luxuria is an easy to read book with a good balance of erotic and adventure scenes. Author James Fuller creates a wild story - in more ways than one! Click for Amazon Title: LuxuriaAuthor: James FullerGenre: Erotica, FantasyAudible Link: HereGoodreads: Here With the whispers of a dead man echoing promises of power, wealth and desire, the … Continue reading Book Review: Luxuria

Book Review: Bite the Hand That Kills You

I freaking loved this book! Click the cover to find this book on Amazon. CJ does a magnificent job of creating the world for us. I could see every single scene from the shabby office Laurel works at to the train she uses to get around town. I absolutely love the main characters. Laurel is … Continue reading Book Review: Bite the Hand That Kills You