Looking for beta readers!

I'm setting a deadline for myself because I'm kinda getting bogged down between do or don't edit. It's time to get serious! I just realized I'm missing this year's #RevPit because I haven't had my book beta read yet... That sucks because I could have potentially gotten a free developmental edit... I guess if I'm … Continue reading Looking for beta readers!


Cover Reveal: Walking On Thin Ice

It’s my favorite time again! Cover reveal time! Before I start, I wanna say something to all my Indie authors out there. Please seek publicity for yourself. It warms my heart to do cover reveals, book tours, and blitz because I know I am helping your books reach new readers! Take advantage of these awesome events for … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Walking On Thin Ice

Book Review: Kill Me Tomorrow

Kill Me Tomorrow by Britney King is a steamy, action-packed crime fiction that checks every box of the genre. Click for Amazon Title: Kill Me TomorrowSeries: ---Author: Britney KingAudio Release: Sept. 7, 2021Genre: Crime Fiction Ali is a sex therapist-slash-guru, famous for the work she does helping others find pleasure. The problem: Ali can never … Continue reading Book Review: Kill Me Tomorrow

The story is literally in my mind

I'm working on a new short story collection. If you haven't read my CURRENT short story collection "Helpless" then let me tell you! Readers love it. lol. Reviews are excellent and I'm super proud of the work. It's also an audiobook now! If you're interested in getting the audiobook for FREE with Audible, comment below! … Continue reading The story is literally in my mind

Book Review: Zero Island

Zero Island by Chris Bauer is a Crime Fiction novel that brings settings to life and features an incredible crime fiction plot. Top that off with well done character development and you have Chris Bauer's novel. Click for Amazon Title: Zero Island: Blessid Trauma Crime Scene Cleaners Book 2Author: Chris BauerRelease: March 2021Genre: Crime FictionGoodreads HERE … Continue reading Book Review: Zero Island

Book Review: Pieces of Eight

So, usually, I have an order of operations on my reviews, but gosh, this book caught me off guard. I have so much to say. First of all, how did I not realize that Holliday is addicted to coffee? Welcome back to Empire City! Click for Amazon Title: Pieces of EightAuthor: Peter HartogRelease: June 2021Genre: … Continue reading Book Review: Pieces of Eight

Book Review: Stolen

Stolen by K.A. Woodford is a classic Crime Fiction style novel with investigation, a glimpse into the antagonist and action scenes that will satisfy crime fiction lovers. Click for Amazon Title: StolenAuthor: K.A. WoodfordRelease: January 2021Genre: Crime FictionGoodreads HERE Jenna Brandt can't stay out of trouble for five minutes. When she sees one of her friends … Continue reading Book Review: Stolen

Book Review: Midnight Vigilante

Midnight Vigilante by Leonor Bass is a textbook example of Crime Fiction. The elements of crime boss, undercover operatives and police procedural make this book comfy for those familiar with Crime Fiction. Click for Amazon Title: Midnight VigilanteAuthor: Leonor BassRelease: May 2021Genre: Crime FictionGoodreads HERE Upon Riley’s return to her hometown of LinHill, she vowed to … Continue reading Book Review: Midnight Vigilante

Book Review: Wrongfully Convicted

Wrongfully Convicted by Takara M. James is a timely short story and reflection on current events. Click for Amazon Title: Wrongfully ConvictedAuthor: Takara M. JamesRelease: May 2021Genre: Crime FictionGoodreads HERE Korbin D. King has spent the last eight years obtaining his credentials for a life in the Crime Lab. He wants to be on the … Continue reading Book Review: Wrongfully Convicted