Social Media: Use em all?

I've had so many conversations about social media in the seven years that I've been writing as a career and over time I've learned a valuable lesson about it all. Recently I got on TikTok. If you don't know what TikTok is, good for you. I'm there for plants and food videos mostly, but a … Continue reading Social Media: Use em all?

My Marketing Plan

Hey guys! While I was going through my Marketing resources blog post, preparing to release it, I realized that with all these tools to enhance and push marketing, I didn't have anything that discussed an actual marketing plan. Basically, all the things in that blog post are pieces of a complete marketing plan but how … Continue reading My Marketing Plan

Books and Business

If you believe writing should ONLY be about passion and authors shouldn't care about making money... this post is not for you. Let's agree to disagree. I am an advocate for authors getting paid for their work. Period. Why? Have you written a story before?? It's maddening. Especially for people like me who have anxiety … Continue reading Books and Business

Target Audience…

Cause not everyone wants to read your book. LOL. Seriously. Being a New York Times Best Seller does not mean that EVERYONE read your book. It means tons of people did. I think we can all name the MANY best sellers that we have not read... SO, today I want to talk to you about … Continue reading Target Audience…