Book Review: Untouched

Untouched by Jayme Bean is a smart, adventure novel with a small cast which allows for rich character development and beautiful settings. Title: UntouchedSeries: --Author: Jayme BeanRelease: May 2021Genre: Action and AdventureGoodreads:┬áHERE This may be the first time that I include some very brief spoilers in my review so please be warned. Let me start … Continue reading Book Review: Untouched


Book Review: Knight in Paper Armor

Knight in Paper Armor by Nicholas Conley is a well written story with a full range of themes that require you to open your mind, embrace differences and follow the characters on a wild ride, in and out of reality. Click for Amazon Title: Knight in Paper ArmorAuthor: Nicholas ConleyRelease: September 2020Genre: Fantasy AdventureGoodreads HERE … Continue reading Book Review: Knight in Paper Armor

Book Review: Luxuria

Luxuria is an easy to read book with a good balance of erotic and adventure scenes. Author James Fuller creates a wild story - in more ways than one! Click for Amazon Title: LuxuriaAuthor: James FullerGenre: Erotica, FantasyAudible Link: HereGoodreads: Here With the whispers of a dead man echoing promises of power, wealth and desire, the … Continue reading Book Review: Luxuria

Book Review: The High Crown Chronicles

The High Crown Chronicles by Jodi Gallegos is a rollercoaster centered around a naive, yet highly capable, newbie queen with a lot on her shoulders. Learning hard lessons every day, we are invited to follow her in this first person narrative, full of tough adversaries and bold allies. Click for Link to Amazon! Title: The … Continue reading Book Review: The High Crown Chronicles

Book Review: In the Time of Standing Stones

Book one of the Legends of the Carolyngian by Joseph S. Samaniego is a deep Fantasy-Adventure that chronicles a heroes journey to claim a new home land. Click for Amazon Title: In the Time of Standing StonesAuthor: Joseph S SamaniegoRelease: June 7, 2019Genre: FantasyGoodreads Link: Here Kings Theodorif, Fenir, and Haakon lead their people, the Gota, … Continue reading Book Review: In the Time of Standing Stones