Review Team!

I am interested in starting a review team for all my books!

I pity the fool who don’t like to get advance copies of books!

Obviously I’m past my first release but in the future, as books come out I would like to have a solid group of readers who will work with me to release my books with a bang!

If you are interested in receiving advanced copies of each of my books and providing HONEST reviews regularly, please submit the contact form below. I will review your submission and let you know if you’re a good fit for the review team.

Like with everything, there are some requirements!

  1. Online presence: I love bloggers! But if you don’t blog you are asked to post your reviews to Amazon and GoodReads AT THE MINIMUM. If you do have a blog, please post your review there as well.
  2. You must have time to read: You will receive a free copy of my book at least a month in advance. I would like to see your reviews at least a week after release. If you are not on time with your review you may lose eligibility to be on the Review Team.
  3. I’m only looking for serious readers! You must be a subjective reader as well. So that means my family and friends can’t join! Sorry! You must  also be able to write honestly and well! We want people to get your point…

I am currently only prepared to add 5-10 readers to the review team at this time.

Books will only be available in print. I will be looking for those reviews one week after the books release. I will send friendly reminders before, during and after the review time frame. You will be added to my mailing list as well.

If you are interested please submit the form below.