Guest Bloggers

Guest Bloggers

I am interested in diversifying my blog with Guest Bloggers!


  • I’m big into Crime Fiction, obviously, so I am happy to host crime authors who have exciting articles about the crime fiction industry, or true crime.
  • I am VERY interested in sharing Marketing information with fellow Authors.
  • I am happy to advertise your new book, only if it is Crime, Mystery, Thriller, or Suspense and you MUST include something of worth to my readers, not just an ad. This could be an excerpt, short story or something of the sort.
  • My readers are diverse so I am happy to host any topic outside of fiction such as food, DIY, pets, music etc.
  • You have to queue your article to me below.
  • I will not accept every article that is submitted to me, even after the queue process.
  • Your article and your queue must be well written.
  • I want to post articles at least EVERY WEEK, from myself or you. Only inquire if you can do at least one article a month, if needed.

This is not a competition but obviously I am not going to post just anything, so please contact me below and I will be in touch to work out the details of your guest spot.

How I want to work it:

  1. Because waiting on others is not quite going to work in this situation, I will contact those on a list of guest bloggers if I need an article. You can always contact me with your article before that.
  2. I can only take articles via email.
  3. I will not edit an article and you will be held responsible for your errors :) I’m gonna copy and paste that bad boy from your email or attached document. I will only ensure that it looks good on the blog.
  4. I will give ample notice to create an article, at least a month.
  5. Articles may or may not be posted when they are submitted to me. I will inform the author when I will be posting the article.
  6. I generally do not post twice a day, I don’t plan to start doing that.

Now this is a big deal for me! If you have a blog you must link to this blog when your article is live! I know that may sound like common sense but I want to make sure this is understood as a requirement! How else will your readers know you are writing here?

This is a great way to gain publicity for both of us so I look forward to working with you!