Guest Bloggers

I am interested in diversifying my blog with Guest Bloggers!


  • I’m big into Crime Fiction, obviously, so I am happy to host crime authors who have exciting articles about crime fiction, the literature industry or true crime.
  • My readers are mostly writers and they are definitely readers, so the topic will have to appeal to them, whatever it is.
  • Keep it brief but also highly entertaining and/or informative.
  • I am VERY interested in sharing Marketing information with fellow Authors.
  • I will want to include an image of you, your social media contact info and a short 280 character bio.
  • I will have to approve your piece before posting and I will not approve everything that comes my way.
  • I want to post articles at least once a week. So bring it on!

This is not a competition but obviously I am not going to post just anything. My good name is riding on this! Please contact me below and I will be in touch to work out the details of your guest spot.

In addition:

  • I will not edit an article and you will be held responsible for your errors by the readers.
  • I’m gonna copy and paste that bad boy from your email or attached document. I will only ensure that it looks good on the blog but will not do editing.
  • I will inform you when I will be posting the piece and can give you a permalink to the post so you can schedule your blog or social media update for the day!
  • If you have a blog you must link to this blog when your article is live! I know that may sound like common sense but I want to make sure this is understood as a requirement! How else will your readers know you are writing here?

This is a great way to gain publicity for both of us so I look forward to working with you!