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I'm so excited to announce that my book El Jefe, the third installation in the Michael Taylor series, is available for Pre-Order now! This series has been growing since 2014 and I am incredibly proud of what I am offering you guys in this third book. © 2020 by Tiffany Christina Lewis Detective Michael … Continue reading Pre-Order El Jefe NOW

I just opened a Publishing Company!

Let's get right to the chase. I JUST OPENED A PUBLISHING COMPANY! Rebellion LIT is a literary affirmation that creativity is best served for the world's enjoyment when owned by the creator on all levels, with no strings attached.Our purpose is that of two goals: to showcase literary works produced with no regards to … Continue reading I just opened a Publishing Company!

October is over: Updates

Hey! I haven't posted since.... Not even gonna say but I would like to do an update now, if that's okay... Today, November 2nd, Dia de los Muertes, I finished a manuscript. Yay! So lemme give you a run down on which manuscripts are complete and their statuses: Inside Out: Michael Taylor 1 - Available … Continue reading October is over: Updates


I am doing CampNaNoWriMo. Some of you know that I won NaNoWriMo in November and completed a Michael Taylor novel, now I'm aiming for more with the help of the Berkeley based non-profit with the goal of helping authors get their words out. Camp NaNoWriMo is a virtual writer's retreat, designed for maximum flexibility and … Continue reading #CampNaNoWriMo

Don’t forget your Pre Order!

Hey! Stitches will be live VERY SOON! Time to make a choice! You wanna get this swag or not? Well if you do, preorder Stitches now! Otherwise you'll have to get it, without the cool extras! Oakland Police Detective Michael Taylor is faced with another gruesome case: a dead man with no eyes and lips … Continue reading Don’t forget your Pre Order!

Inside Out Review

Hey guys! Jacob Rundle has written a review on Inside Out! Copyright 2014 © Tiffany Christina Lewis Jacob is a super talented author and avid reader who reviews many books for pleasure! He is an excellent advocate for authors as well and has many great tips and tricks for marketing. Check out the review here! … Continue reading Inside Out Review

34 years old and counting

Today is my birthday. I'm excited. Really. lol. My birthday is part of the reason I am relaxing more about goals and perfectionism. It's also why I need to relax more. When I turned 29, I literally freaked out. I had (have) no real retirement, nothing to my name and no plan for making sure … Continue reading 34 years old and counting

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Hey guys! It's Friday! Best day of the week because you can now PREORDER my new Crime Fiction Novel Stitches! Stitches © Tiffany Christina Lewis 2018 Oakland Police Detective Michael Taylor is faced with another gruesome case: a dead man with no eyes and lips sewn shut. After catching a grisly Bay Area serial killer, … Continue reading Preorder STITCHES Now!