Inside Out



Inside Out is the compelling story of a delusional killer, a determined, handsome, outstanding detective who is on the killers trail, and the sexy, strong and smart woman who brings him peace. All that culminating in a fast paced, slightly gruesome tale of attraction and dissection.

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All copies ordered on Tiffany’s website are autographed. Don’t forget to let us know who to make it out to or it will be made out to the purchasers name.

Releases April 10, 2014 amazon-1

Trade Paperback – $7.99
5 x 8 inches
201 pages
ISBN- 10:0985118598
ISBN- 13:978-0-9851185-9-4

Tiffany has also been featured in the following books:

(Appearing as most recent first)


Soul Vomit: Domestic Violence Aftermath (Volume 2)

Short story included entitled The Long Walk Home. The Mission: To raise awareness about domestic violence and give victims and survivors a voice. Some proceeds donated to charity.

Find it on Amazon.

For This Cause Writers Unite: A SteamyT Pub Young Writers Flow Project (Volume 1)

Short stories included entitled Karma, a story of payback in the game of love, Thrill of the Chase, a venture into the mind of a killer, and Not as Planned, the story of a love triangle planned to go one way and ending in another. Poems included entitled Breaking Hearts.

Find it on Amazon. All proceeds go to scholarship programs sponsored by Steamy Trails Publishing.


The Poetic Lounge (Volume 2)

Short stories included entitled Spring Break, a flash fiction that dives into the mind of young women enjoying their view.

Find it on Amazon.

I Am Royalty: Profiles in Black History 3

Tiffany is featured and a biography is contained that speaks to her work as a leader of children and in the field of literary publishing.

Find it on Amazon.

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    1. I know I’m late as heck but I guess that says a lot about my ability to do a book review. I am willing but I am dreadfully slow right now in my reading because of all the things I have going on in my personal life. If you are still interested in having me review please email me at writingforemylife at gmail dot com.

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