Cover Reveal: Beyond the REach of Mortal Man

It’s my favorite time again! Cover reveal time! Before I start, I wanna say something to all my Indie authors out there. Please seek publicity for yourself. It warms my heart to do cover reveals, book tours, and blitz because I know I am helping your books reach new readers! Take advantage of these awesome events for … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Beyond the REach of Mortal Man


Book Review: Twenty-Four Seconds

Twenty-Four Seconds is yet another example of how Duncan Wilson can cram EVERYTHING into the smallest spaces. This book of only 42 pages, is so thick with excitement and suspense that I felt I was reading a novel. Click for Bookstores Title: Twenty-Four SecondsSeries: NoneAuthor: Duncan WilsonRelease: October 2021Genre: Short Story Collection, Sci-Fi James Tyler … Continue reading Book Review: Twenty-Four Seconds

Book Review: Kill Me Tomorrow

Kill Me Tomorrow by Britney King is a steamy, action-packed crime fiction that checks every box of the genre. Click for Amazon Title: Kill Me TomorrowSeries: ---Author: Britney KingAudio Release: Sept. 7, 2021Genre: Crime Fiction Ali is a sex therapist-slash-guru, famous for the work she does helping others find pleasure. The problem: Ali can never … Continue reading Book Review: Kill Me Tomorrow

Book review: Space Jumpers

Space Jumpers is a mind-bending story about a young man coming neck deep into trouble. Trouble that he caused himself. This review contains spoilers. Click for Amazon Title: Space JumpersSeries: The Young Soldier Book 1Author: M.K. ClarkRelease: March 2017Genre: YA, Sci-FiGoodreads: HERE Switching lives was supposed to be the answer, not the problem. Now, he'll have to … Continue reading Book review: Space Jumpers

Book review: Under the Emerald Sky

Under the Emerald Sky is a Historic Romance with beautiful settings, emotional depth and a fierce main character that I truly loved. Click for Amazon Title: Under the Emerald SkySeries: Book One - The Irish Fortune SeriesAuthor: Juliane WeberRelease: October 2020Genre: Historical RomanceGoodreads: HERE It's 1843 and the English nobleman Quinton Williams has come to Ireland … Continue reading Book review: Under the Emerald Sky

Book Review: Fulcra: The witness

Fulcra: the Witness is a mind bending Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi novel that has left me VERY retrospective. Click for Amazon Title: Fulcra: The WitnessAuthor: Cix ZanderRelease: July 2020Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-FiGoodreads HERE There's only one year left before Nix Zander can leave the rat race behind and travel the world like he's always wanted. He's disciplined. He's … Continue reading Book Review: Fulcra: The witness

Book Blitz and Review! Monkey Around

I’m very excited to feature in this Book Blitz with Storytellers on Tour! Monkey Around by Jadie Jang is the most fun book I've read this year! Book Blurb San Francisco has a Monkey King – and she’s kinda freaked out.Barista, activist, and were-monkey Maya McQueen was well on her way to figuring herself out. Well, … Continue reading Book Blitz and Review! Monkey Around