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I want to feature your book or event in my newsletter! I’ve decided to start offering a basic, quick feature for $5 on top of the other ways I share books. There are a few ways to get shown to my almost 7.5k social media followers and get in my newsletter, but first let me give you the low down on why you might want to give me 5 bucks to be in my newsletter.

First, my newsletter is a beautiful thang (see it here) and I believe my subscribers value my content. I feature 15-25 Indie and Self-Published books a month and the readers seem happy to get these genuine recommendations from me.

Check my Stats:

As of 5/25/2021 I have 1,125 Subscribers. Of those subscribers, 38% of them open and read my twice monthly newsletter. And my list is constantly growing. I’ll update this section regularly.

First, to be fair, here is how you can get featured* FOR FREE:

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Let me review your book! Sending a copy of your book to me is typically free of charge for the author. I don’t charge to read the book and you must have a Mobi file lying around somewhere. Books I review get featured on my blog, and social media accounts, Guaranteed! (Unless I am planning to rate the book under 3 stars…) I (try to)share my review books 2-3 times on social media: before, while and after reading. Getting a reviewed book in my newsletter is not guaranteed however, but very possible*. The downside: it could take 3-4 months for your review to go live.

Also, if you have a newsletter, I’d be willing to swap mentions for FREE!
Fast track to the bottom of this page to find a link to my form!

Now… This is where the paid feature comes in:

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If you pay to be in my newsletter, you will be featured within the month. Sometimes within days. My subscribers will see your book on the 1st or the 15th. No waiting for me to review.

For instances, if you pay for the feature on the 7th, I can feature you on the 15th. If you pay on the 30th, you may have to wait til the 15th, but it would still be faster than waiting for a review.

this is what a listing will look like (paid or swap):

Also, My readers preferences are below:

Oddly, most of my readers for not have Kindle Unlimited….

If you are interested in this feature, please fill out my form here!