Looking for beta readers!

I’m setting a deadline for myself because I’m kinda getting bogged down between do or don’t edit. It’s time to get serious! I just realized I’m missing this year’s #RevPit because I haven’t had my book beta read yet… That sucks because I could have potentially gotten a free developmental edit… I guess if I’m still querying next year (which I could be…) then I can go for it then. lol.

So, I’m calling for Beta Readers!

Here are the deets:

About the book:

The WIP is crime fiction with an African American, Female MC. The story is approximately 93,440 words and 390 pages but I’m still self-editing so it could get longer or shorter. It’s been described as a romantic, procedural, thriller by a very awesome editor. lol.

The intended genres and sub-genres are (in this order):

  • Crime Fiction
  • Black and African American Fiction
  • Police Procedural
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Thriller

The story is a third-person POV (not as deep as I would like…) with numerous chapters leaving the main character’s POV, typically when she is not present. It’s based in a fictional city that is in a real state in the U.S. The tone is intended to be procedural, but always with a hint of my MC injected when the chapter follows her. This means Black culture and female voice are present.

Content and trigger Warnings:

Assault and battery of women, mentions of rape but no detailed scenes, kidnapping of adults, use of alcohol, smoking, foul language.

Timeline Considerations:

I would like to send the manuscript to readers on March 6th, 2022. I am planning to offer a beta form for receiving feedback. I am not asking for grammar and punctuation comments, nor am I asking for track change comments. I’m just asking you to read, enjoy and fill out my form. I’ll send a PDF of the story and a Word Doc of the beta form. I would like to receive the beta form back by April 10th. This is exactly 5 weeks to read and respond to the questions on the form. This deadline is semi-firm. I’d really love it if you could stick to it.

If you’re interested in reading for me, I’m looking for up to FIVE more readers. I already have some tried and true readers but I really want to get 10 total.

Please connect with me on Twitter @AuthorTCLewis (https://twitter.com/AuthorTCLewis) to let me know if you’re interested.

Commenting is not a suitable way to let me know if you are interested.


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