My Podcast is Live!

You ever have a talent for something and people constantly tell you that you should share your gift with the world? Well, this happened to me recently.

I did a massive beta read for four amazing women who were working on a series of books together. I started with my #BookBestie, Dr. Carlotta Berry, then moved on to the woman who I now call my advisor, Dr. Monica Cox. She has pushed me to be great in every single phone call, text, and email we’ve ever had! After finishing her book, she started suggesting strongly that I share my beta reading tips with more people.

I’m not crazy about the idea of monetizing beta reading because I like being a volunteer. BUT this finally gave me a reason to start a podcast!

A meeting with the Producer… Beta Reader Bits

My podcast is weekly! And there I talk about all the tips and tricks I know about beta reading! It’s available on your favorite podcast app, I share book recommendations and I’m pretty funny. lol. My producer York Campbell adds a flava to the show that makes it so cute, smart, and fun. Just like me!

Check it out every Tuesday!

And look at my fun website!!

Oh, and guess what, I wrote THREE books as companions to the podcast!

Those books are here:

I am the Queen of Busy. Crown me now 😜

Queen Rihanna GIF

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