My goodness, I am busy! As usual. I am preparing for the new year and a lot of things will change.

The biggest thing is that I am not reviewing books by request anymore. I read some amazing books this year, last year, but I also read some really bad books. I was literally taking every single book review request regardless of my true interest in the book.

I was letting my kindness override self-preservation and when I had a list of books as long as my arm, that became an issue…

I want to read books I enjoy which means my reviews will come slower and I will be VERY picky about my book selections. Also, I want paperbacks, so that’s going to require a little more purchasing on my own, now isn’t it?

Other than that, I am starting a podcast, which is TOTALLY different from what I did this year. lol. I’m releasing THREE non-fiction books about beta reading at the same time. I’m releasing ONE fiction book (Michael Taylor – Book 4) and I’m also planning to publish THREE books this year on Rebellion LIT that are not my own. Crazy. One of which will be an anthology.

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The biggest doozy of them all…

I wrote a book that I am pitching for agency.

That means, your girl, a self-indie publishing rockstar, is going to the dark side. I have written a book that I am NOT publishing myself. I have written a book that will not see the light of day, unless it is picked up by a publisher.

I’ve already written a query letter and synopsis and am working my ass off to self-edit these first 50 pages and so on. I’m paying for critiques… I’m definitely planning beta readers and I’m freaking out.

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Anyway, this just means the blog will be a little less active while I get my shit together, but everything I post will be very meaningful to me, and I hope you too!


6 thoughts on “Update

      1. I do have one, but I’m pitching it to agents as well, so it’s going to be on their time frame, I’m afraid.

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