Retweet Squad!

If you didn’t know, I’m the Editor in Chief at Rebellion LIT, an Indie Publishing House. We’re doing something groundbreaking in November and this go-round, I’m looking for some Super Readers to share the news!

We’re having a GIANT sale this holiday shopping season and we need some folks to help spread the word. This sale includes:

50% off all paperbacks and 50% off all merch from, plus FREE EBOOKS from KDP and on our website!

Basically, every single book is on sale or free starting November 19th and all our Merch is half off from November 26th until December!

We REALLY wanna tell many people about this. So we’re reaching out to see if you would RETWEET for us? That’s pretty much it! Follow @RebellionLIT, hit the bell for notifications, and retweet our sales tweets! Our company is not on Facebook or Instagram so if you could help us by posting there or on your blog, that would be great too! But not required…

Check out the cool graphics below for the deets!

Click the image if it’s too small to read…

So, wanna help? We’d love to have you on our Retweet Squad! Getting the word out about our books this season will mean everything for us as we prepare for the new year.

Fill this out! 

Please accept our invite by November 16th by completing the form above. We will send social media kits by Nov. 18th to anyone who is interested in posting for us.

Even if you can’t commit to posting, please retweet our sale whenever you see it on Twitter! It just takes two clicks.

Me, Tiffany, the author, and the publisher, thanks you in advance for helping us out!


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