Book Review: Fulcra: The witness

Fulcra: the Witness is a mind bending Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi novel that has left me VERY retrospective.

Fulcra: the Witness by [Cix Zander, Sandra Koury]
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Title: Fulcra: The Witness
Author: Cix Zander
Release: July 2020
Genre: Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi
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There’s only one year left before Nix Zander can leave the rat race behind and travel the world like he’s always wanted. He’s disciplined. He’s focused. He’s almost late for work again. However, an upset boss and delayed travel plans are about to be the least of his problems. Something’s brewing, both near and far. Something big. Will there be anything left of his world when it’s all over? Will he ever get to explore planet Earth? Join Nix as he’s forced to figure out how to survive solitude and find a way to escape the ultimate form of oppression. It’s a fight for sanity as he journeys to the edge of his mind, and beyond…

Wow, this book was abstract, in my opinion. I have to say, even after finishing, I’m not entirely sure what the story was about. However, this does not take away from the brilliance of the book. Starting with the plot, Zander creates an apocalyptic world like I’ve never seen. The question is if we’re invaded, what do we do on our alien invaded planet? What is our purpose to them? This book explores those ideas but goes a thousand times beyond that. Probing the mind of humans, exposing the “aliens” and showing a weird that I find more frightening than scorched Earth. I really enjoyed the trip through Nix’s mind.

My favorite character was the disembodied Victoria. I always love the grounded characters. The important job of pulling a character out of their haze and getting them snapped back to reality falls onto characters like Victoria. I really enjoy seeing them navigate tactics to help others in the story. In this book in particular, the lengths that Nix and Victoria have to go through to help him snap back are tremendous! And Victoria does a perfect job of giving the story balance.

The world presented here is very well written. I can see every setting and they are really beautifully used. It was rather brilliant for the author to use certain settings to break up the monotony of Nix’s day to day droning on life. I loved the presentation of the zen garden and the “home” shown in the story as a way to show inner thought and stability. It also kept the whole story from being “grey” and presenting the same drab settings which could have happened, given the circumstances of the story.

This book was really easy to read, even though I am still picking my brain to really comprehend the bigger picture. The author keeps the writing style simple, which I’m very grateful for because some of the concepts that were discussed were complicated and I was able to follow everything without an issue.

Overall, I think this book is worth reading. Take your time with it and open your mind to some crazy possibilities! I’m still thinking of what I would do if I were in this book and I have no idea! This was a good read.


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