The story is literally in my mind

I’m working on a new short story collection. If you haven’t read my CURRENT short story collection “Helpless” then let me tell you! Readers love it. lol. Reviews are excellent and I’m super proud of the work. It’s also an audiobook now!

If you’re interested in getting the audiobook for FREE with Audible, comment below! I have PROMO CODES!

and here is a sample.

So, all that marketing aside, I am working on a NEW short story collection which I am equally as jazzed about. I started writing it in January 2019 and with so many other projects coming up, I haven’t been able to finish it in my normally swift fashion.

So, Helpless came out, I finished a ton of beta reading projects, I got some things going on with voice acting, I’m working on a non-fiction project, I’m TRYING SO HARD to get my anthology released with Rebellion LIT and a lot of things came up between 2019 and now. lol. Including COVID.

Hence, I did not work on this new collection…

Recently, I was beta reading a book and for some reason, right in the middle of the chapter I was reading, I just felt compelled to write something. I didn’t have any real plans for what to work on, but I went to my “AmWriting” folder and clicked through to all my fiction works which are organized into folders. lol. The names of the series or story is on each folder and they are numbered by importance, or relevancy, depending on which I find more important at the time.

Going through the list, I got to number 11. The working name for this project is… a secret, but it is folder number 11, which reminds me, I have to renumber my folders…

Anywho, this collection is actually a super fun idea where I have a chance to get back to my roots with Crime Fiction while also exploring the mythology of demons. I am kinda obsessed with demonology and more specifically, possession and exorcism. When I got this idea, I realized quickly that “the devil” is in a lot of the crime we see on TV and in movies. If you ever saw a true crime show and wondered how a person could do something so heinous, this is what I’m playing off of.

The “Fall of Babylon” is stated to be the goal of all demons. By possessing humans, they further evil in the world and get closer to it. Simply for fiendish sadism. And with that, I decided that I wanted to write a set of stories where a demon is responsible for crimes form California to New York, from 1999 to 2019.

NOW, here comes that epiphany I tweeted about a few days ago.

I got on a SUPER ROLL with writing this collection again on Saturday (the 14th) and I finished a whole story (20 pgs, 5k words). Next I went to my outline because there were numerous stories I wanted to remove but kinda wanted to keep the premise. I started reworking the ideas and… Lemme move along. The story I ended up focusing on was “The Heist”.

It started as a bank robbery, tunnel in style, but then I changed it to a billionaire being robbed at a hotel. This came because, like I said, the story travels across the US and now, I’m in Nevada. Las Vegas Baby!

Anywho, a rich man is there, waiting to be checked in to a hotel for his much needed vacay and his assistant approaches him.

Oh gosh, I need a name, I need a name…

This is my thought. Well, usually when I need names, I google or check Twitter or look at NBA rosters. lol. But this time, the name just came out of my mind like a whisper on the wind.


Nice. Angela is responsible, smart, organized. A perfect assistant for my rich guy! So, here we go, I’m writing the story now. Clickity clack on the keys.

GameStop responding to all their private messages and mentions: Superstonk

Then I stopped…. Hm, how should this end story? I know it’s a robbery, the rich guy has some diamonds and other things in a safe in his room. Cool. I know the demon is a [SPOILER HERE]. Cool. But how is this whole thing going to get resolved. Will he save himself? Will someone come save him?

Then it hit me. Lemme have a heroine! A lady can save him. I haven’t written that in this collection yet. Cool. So who can save him. A lady yeah, but wh… wait a minute… Angela.

Wait… Angela? ANGELA! OMG, Angela can be a…

Mind Blown GIF by Reactions | Gfycat

Get it? lol. Angela can be an angel. Angel-a.

Okay, so why has this prompted me to write a blog post? Well, because this story is literally in my mind. lol. It was a crazy, blessed epiphany that came from literally nowhere. The name came from nowhere, the feeling to stop and think about the ending came from nowhere, it was all so random and BEAUTIFUL. I can now see the story from beginning to end and it’s glorious.

So, what did I do to get this grand plan? The random, juicy flowing of creative thought. This magical vision that I found utterly brilliant (even if you didn’t, lol)?

I took a break.

And I didn’t give up.

I hadn’t worked on this project in months and even when I did, all I touched was the outline. Reading and re-reading it to stay connected to the concept helped to keep my mind connected to the world I was building, but other than that, I didn’t sweat the story, I didn’t try to force myself to get to it, I just chiiiiiiillled out. lol.

The moral of the story is:

Even though we in the Writers Community always encourage authors to write every day, sometimes you just CAN’T and that’s okay. Sometimes you have to take a break. Sometimes you need to take a break, even when you don’t think you need to.

Your brain is speaking to you! Listen to it and you might get that epiphany too!

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