Book Review: Zero Island

Zero Island by Chris Bauer is a Crime Fiction novel that brings settings to life and features an incredible crime fiction plot. Top that off with well done character development and you have Chris Bauer’s novel.

Zero Island (Blessid Trauma Crime Scene Cleaners Book 2) by [Chris Bauer]
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Title: Zero Island: Blessid Trauma Crime Scene Cleaners Book 2
Author: Chris Bauer
Release: March 2021
Genre: Crime Fiction
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The Hawaiian mob isn’t dead; they moved to Philly. And now one of their own has fled. Hawaiian mob fixer Kaipo Mawpaw is incognito somewhere in the South Pacific, and she wants to stay that way. A mobster wants her back and is willing to buy a small Hawaiian island that isn’t for sale to make it happen. The island’s quiet native citizenry is now under siege as bodies of current and former inhabitants start piling up. Philo Trout, retired Navy SEAL, current crime scene cleaning business owner, and reluctant tourist, is about to get the vacation of a lifetime.

The plot of this story was well done. Following the main characters was easy even with the multiple converging plot lines. This was done masterfully. I enjoyed getting to know each of the characters and understanding how they fit into the overall storyline. The mystery with Patrick was interesting, the suspense with Kaipo was intense and the investigation with Philo and other law enforcement was perfectly mysterious.

I loved the characters and my favorite was actually Wally, the shady character with love in his heart. lol. I’m the type that loves a good bad guy and Bauer did an excellent job painting Wally with many layers, just as he did with the other characters. Everyone was well fleshed out and I felt attached to them. This made it easy to feel emotional about the story and that is where this book was very successful! I was mad, happy, sad, shocked and everything in between. The great characterization made that possible.

As for world building, I’ve never been to Hawaii, but this story helped me see the islands and the people. The way Bauer described everything was concise and clear. Not overdone, but just enough to show the reader where they are. The writing style was easy to read as well. Also, I didn’t read book 1 but this didn’t stop me from enjoying!

Overall I recommend this book! Really enjoyed the characters and being submerged in Hawaiian culture.

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