Book Review: Briefly Buddies

Briefly Buddies offers completely lovable, coming-of-age characters, steamy scenes and unexpected turns that kept me totally engaged.

Briefly Buddies by [Chase Connor]
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Title: Briefly Buddies
Author: Chase Connor
Release: August 2021
Genre: LGBTQ+, New Adult, Erotic, Comedy
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To paraphrase the blurb, when Dustin Blanchard came out, he imagined his own rom-com, teenage, coming-of-age scenario playing out, finding a boyfriend in high school, and being crowned dual Kings of the Prom but nothing ever works out the way he imagines, though, and he’s getting pretty tired of it. On the night of his graduation, Dustin’s friend, Miguel, comes up with a plan while sharing a few beers swiped from the neighborhood barbecue. If you can’t get laid through the skill and swagger of your own, you can always turn to a professional. All you need is the internet and a device. So, buzzed from the beers, Dustin logs onto Briefly Buddies to find the perfect guy to help him achieve his first real gay experience. And that’s where everything really started to go wrong…

The plot of this story is pretty simple: Dustin wants to lose his virginity. It’s like a Finished High School Bucket List thing, and Connor does a great job of fleshing out the details. During this dull time in his life, Connor actually made Dustin’s experiences exciting. Working, going home, sleeping, hanging with friends. Pretty chill, right? It was like we arrived at the perfect time to see Dustin’s life explode! The “simple” idea Miguel has, turns into a whirlwind, sexual adventure for Dustin and he is ill equipped to manage his life during that time, which further creates mayhem. This book does a great job of showing us Dustin’s growth and change, showing his lessons learned and preparing him for a sexy future.

I am a big fan of Connor and as a regular reader I can tell you that he is VERY good at writing characters that latch on to your heart. I loved them all. They were all very realistic and incited emotions in me as I followed their journey. I have to admit, I like the main character Dustin, but my favorite character was his friend Trina. I love grounding characters. Those who see through the complications of the other characters and just say, “Chill”. Her vibe was totally needed. Everyone was funny, goofy and the book was generally light hearted! I loved the feeling of the book and characters overall.

I felt very grounded in Dustin’s world. The settings were few – home, work, neighborhood gathering, and I was kinda itching to “see” something new, but I also felt super comfy in all the locations from the story. I was there with Dustin at work and could feel his tension in the tight space. I sighed with relief when he arrived home and plopped on the couch. I felt the homey-ness of the kitchen where his mom nurtured him with her cooking. It was all very well done!

I loved the story of Dustin and Jake. At first I was wary, but I knew Connor would take care of me! I trust him as an author and the driver of my fictional experience. Jake represented well-meaning idiots who have no idea how to behave in the real world, let alone be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. I really like that Connor explored this personality type. I have to credit Connor for allowing his character to be really authentic. The idea of what being an ally means is actually pretty deep in this story. From Dustin’s friends to his family, there are a lot of representations of real types of Ally’s and I enjoyed that.

Oh, and there’s sex. lol. The funny thing is, that’s really not the most important thing about the book. But….. if you’re looking for something super sexy and hot. This book has that too. This is a very well rounded book. Tackling numerous issues, coming-of-age, and some sex! All well written and exciting! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet romance mixed with some life fumbles!

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