Book Review: Midnight Vigilante

Midnight Vigilante by Leonor Bass is a textbook example of Crime Fiction. The elements of crime boss, undercover operatives and police procedural make this book comfy for those familiar with Crime Fiction.

Midnight Vigilante by [Leonor Bass]
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Title: Midnight Vigilante
Author: Leonor Bass
Release: May 2021
Genre: Crime Fiction
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Upon Riley’s return to her hometown of LinHill, she vowed to retire her guns forever. LinHill was once a quiet, peaceful town, and that’s exactly what Riley needed after losing her husband at the hands of men he trusted. But LinHill has changed in the years she’s been gone, and now it’s run by the ruthless Julius Martinson. When Julius slays the only family Riley has left, she instantly recognizes striking similarities between LinHill and the mob-run city from which she fled. Realizing she must take justice into her own hands, Riley once again finds herself lurking in the shadows, fighting to restore peace. Risking her life and freedom, Riley Spencer transforms from a widow and grieving sister into the Midnight Vigilante.

My review is for the second edition of this book. I want to start with character development. I am so inspired by Riley. Her kick ass, take no prisoners, tough exterior was so refreshing compared to some female characters I’ve read in the past. I really felt like I knew Riley and identified with her character. Not every character was as developed as her but I’m okay with that. I loved Paige, all the detectives, and even the bad guy had a backstory that made his character easier to understand. I wanted to make a comment about the dialogue, Bass has an excellent sense of humor and it shows in the story. I can’t count how many times I laughed out loud at the witty bits in the book. I also laughed at all those male characters, but I wont say why. No spoilers!

The plot of the book is so fast paced and full. There is event after event happening and I couldn’t wait to read more and find out what was going to happen. This fast pace made a long book feel short! Bass has a talent for describing action sequences for sure. I liked the storyline in general too. I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen but the story evolved and grew with each new event, while also keeping us in the sphere of our genre.

A lot of attention was paid to characters and dramatic events which is awesome and created some pulse pounding events and sequences, but I can’t say that I ever felt what the spaces were like and world building seemed a little underdone. To me, this is not a problem. I had just as much of a good time in the book without it. There were a few places where the city or town was described but not a huge amount of time spent there. Again, I was okay with that. I don’t need a long winded description of a setting, especially in a book like this where so many of the same spaces are used by the characters again and again.

I’m not entirely sure what the theme of this book is but if I had to make one up I would say the theme is to always look out for yourself. Riley was the master of this and although she was a hard nut to crack, her success came from relying on herself and not waiting for anyone to save her from her troubles. She was a go getter, a self starter and a super badass.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone whose never read crime fiction before. It is a perfect introduction to the genre for someone who may have never read it.

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