Book Review: Eternal Love

Eternal Love by Nived is a Fantasy romance with excellent character development and a plot that will have you thinking one way when it is totally another.

Eternal Love by [,Nived]
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Title: Eternal Love
Author: Nived
Release: November 2020
Genre: Fantasy Romance, LGBTQ+
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Devin is your average college student, with dreams of seeing the world with her camera and her two best friends. Her past isn’t the most pleasant, but she grew up surrounded by love and compassion and won’t let anything stand in the way of her goals, and that includes dating. Women are a distraction, and honestly, Devin didn’t know she needed one until she “bumped” into Amirah. Confusion sets in when friendship turns to feelings and Amirah being in a long-term relationship, but the confusion was overshadowed by anger and frustration as it turns out Devin and Amirah have a complicated history. As the truth slowly comes out, Devin learns she’s not who, or even what, she thinks she is and there’s more to her story. Primal instincts set in when she discovers whom those eyes belong to and wrongs must be righted, but what would you expect if you found the woman of your dreams?

I am not a big fan of romance and I had a chance to speak to Nived before I started the book. I was told that the book wasn’t exactly romance, and that is a fact. lol. I will say that the romance elements in the plot were very well done, in my opinion. The characters moved through the stages of developing romance in a way I was comfortable with. I found it not too dramatic or too slow. And then you realize that this isn’t just a romance book! I loved the magical elements in the book, although they started a little later on, Nived did a great job of hinting at this element and preparing us for the wild ride.

The characters were pretty well done. The cast was large-ish, which meant keeping up with a lot of people, but the most important characters were memorable and well defined. I LOVED Devin. I liked how reserved the character was, but also how quick they could react as needed. Also the range of talents and strength of the character really made me proud! The characters in this book all set an excellent example of how a student and athlete should behave in college. Except one… but I won’t spoil it. lol.

I thought the world building was okay. I think towards the end of the story, action actually took away from the setting details. Things were moving so fast that we didn’t have the same opportunity to see the scenes as we did in the beginning where the same places were shown a lot. Despite this, the end of the story was dynamic and entertaining so I have no complaints.

Themes of love, trust, family and personal growth are very strong in this story. It is written in a very easy to read style and despite being first person, which I don’t normally like, it was well done and there was little repetition. I’d recommend this book for anyone who loves slow-burn romances and fantasy elements.

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