Book Review: Days of Revelation

Days of Revelation by J.C. Maine has one of the most unique plots I’ve ever read. As a Crime Fiction fan, I love the mystery element but this book is deeper than crime and criminals. Much deeper.

Days of Revelation by [J.C. Maine]

Title: Days of Revelation
Author: J.C. Maine
Release: February 2021
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
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David Christian is a man who has been having reoccurring nightmares in which the mayor of Clydesville, Maryland, Paul Solomon, is assassinated. They are becoming increasingly intense. He tries to dismiss them, until one day he meets the assassin on the street, a dangerous man who suffers from his own demons. What happens next takes David on a wild ride to save one man’s life. How will he stop the would-be assassin without looking like a madman? Most importantly, what is the far-reaching consequences if he fails?

The plot of this story was fantastic to me. I loved the combination of crime fiction and supernatural elements. There was a great balance between crime, paranormal, character focused chapters and the plot still moved forward. As a big fan of Crime Fiction, the plot of this story checked all the boxes for me. Murder, evil plots, criminal profiles and a hero were all present and accounted for. One other thing I want to say about this plot was that it TOTALLY surprised me. I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen but I was so surprised, not just by the end, but numerous times during the book.

I have to admit, I was indifferent about the characters. I didn’t really connect with anyone, but I still felt the characters were well done and memorable. If I had to pick one character that was my favorite, it would be Alvita but I didn’t get enough of her unfortunately. The cast was a good size so I was able to keep up with everyone and they were memorable, but I just didn’t love anyone more than anyone else.

The world building in the story was good. The story was based in our world but even the otherworldly glimpses we got were well done with settings that we easy to envision and get into. I actually really liked the dream sequences and visions and the world they represented. They were vivd and an excellent part of the plot. Those scenes were actually a big part of the reason that I couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on the whole time! Not only did the real world elements throw me for a loop, even the main characters visions constantly altered my thoughts about where the book was going. I really enjoyed getting confused. lol.

Themes of good and evil ran all through this book. Good and evil within man was evident in our heroes actions as well as our protagonist. The choices humans make daily are affected by good and evil forces and we’re not even talking about plots and corruption. Just the idea of staying true to what we know is right and avoiding what is wrong is felt deeply in the book. Then the devil comes to play. The true brunt of evil plays out in the form of our protagonist and man, this guy is something else!

I’ve read both of Maine’s books and his writing style is consistent, which I love. I love getting into an authors catalog and seeing similarities in their work. His style is easy to read. The dialogue is well done, causal and reminds me of people I know! Maine doesn’t get too long winded on descriptions or settings but the point is still felt and the locations are still easy to see. I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a crime book with a unique take on investigating.

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