Book Review: The Alvah

The Alvah by Molly-Jaye Kirchner is in the running for my favorite book of the year. The mix of paranormal (occult), romantic, and crime fiction is 100% amazing and intriguing.

The Alvah by [Molly-Jaye Kirchner]
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Title: The Alvah
Author: Molly-Jaye Kirchner
Release: February 2021
Genre: Occult Supernatural
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In the small lake town of Scarlett, Ohio, Detective Rachel Sanborn is working an abduction case with her partner, Noah Ward. After attending a fundraiser, a mysterious stranger, Charlie, arouses her interest. Inexplicably drawn to him, she welcomes this charming man into her life. But Noah’s gut reaction tells him something’s off. Or could that just be because of his own feelings for her? Hitting nothing but pitfalls on their case, they slowly begin to uncover buried truths. Sinister tales emerge, spinning a web of deception and chaos. Rachel’s past creeps into her present, exposing memories she thought she had forgotten. Must Rachel succumb to a destiny she was unaware of? And when the truth finally comes to light, will anyone survive?

I did really love this story! The plot was exhilarating! Following the characters through their unique perspectives was interesting. Although I went into this story with the feeling that it would have a deep Crime Fiction plot, it is truly based in the occult. The creepy, supernatural aspects of the story are very well done and kept me engaged! There was a nice bit of romance in the start of this book that left me wanting more action, but I understand how important the romance was to the overall story. It was REALLY important. lol. I won’t spoil it but I like how Kirchner took something as everyday as a relationship and made it life shatteringly important.

The character development in this book was, dare I say it, perfect. The small cast of characters made them all easy to remember, but Kirchner also developed them in a way I like, slow and steady. There was no info dumping but little by little I got to know everyone and the information stuck with me. One thing that made me a little crazy and had me screaming at my Kindle was a certain characters disbelief of the events in the story. I got to 90% in the book and some characters still didn’t believe the supernatural happenings in the story. There was so much evidence! lol. I thought it was realistic though, because some people truly can’t believe their eyes. Overall, the characters were fun, very well written and I don’t think I’ll ever forget The Alvah herself!

Kirchner has a writing style that is easy to read. Although flowery at times, the story was well-written and easy to follow. One thing I have to really say that was done masterfully were the sensory details. Kirchner didn’t leave out any smells, sights or sounds. The feeling of skin and cloth and the taste of black coffee among so many other vivid elements were well illustrated and I felt immersed in the story because of that.

I think this book covered a lot of territory with themes, but my favorite was honesty. There is an underlying theme about human honesty here that really made me think. So many opportunities to save the world were missed because characters refused to be honest. And I’m not just talking villains! Out main characters, police detectives, kept so many secrets from one another and this propelled the story, as it should have, but also could have kept them from saving the world! Luckily, Kirchner is a pro at putting the pieces together and the characters bent to her will. In the end, being honest saved them all. Even if it was just about being honest with themselves.

I also wanna say, I don’t know if I really understood that ending at all! And I LOVE that! lol. Read it and you’ll find out what I mean. You have to go to the very last page so that Kirchner can yank you around, just a little more!

Highly recommended. I will never forget this book!

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