Book Review: Catching Calypso

Catching Calypso by Elliot Stevens is a fun, Crime Fiction short story with a great cast of characters who help the story move along nicely.

Catching Calypso by [Elliot Stevens]
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Title: Catching Calypso
Author: Elliot Stevens
Release: August 2020
Genre: Crime Fiction
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His luck allowed him to swindle money from unsuspecting people. His luck allowed him to avoid arrest. But, after his luck allowed him to escape a prison transport, Carl “Calypso” Bergeron constantly wondered when his luck would run out.

The plot of this story was creative and I didn’t expect the things I read. Thinking that the story is all about a lucky fool is Stevens trick played on the reader because the real Calypso is anything but a lucky fool. Calypso is smart through the whole story and all of his decisions led him to the end of the book which I thought was great!

The characters were very good. There were some secondary characters that I think could have been more developed but the main characters were well done and I was really attached to Calypso. Getting close to the end, I was nervous about how his story would turn out but Stevens takes good care of the reader!

The world of New Orleans was on full display in the book. I would have long a little more flourish on the description of the locations. I know New Orleans is beautiful and even though some people don’t like it, I would have loved to “see” more details about the unique architecture and landscape of the city, like more than normal. lol. Despite that, Stevens does a good job describing the locations that the characters are in and they are easy to imagine.

There were a few themes in the book but I loved the theme of trust and camaraderie. Although the theme occurred later in the book, I was very happy to see certain characters maintain their bond.

As usual with Stevens books, he has a very easy to read writing style. Every now and again he drops perfect lines that really pull the story together. I’ve read a lot of Stevens work and he’s been consistent but also his books keep getting better! I would highly recommend this short story for anyone looking for a quick read with a satisfying payoff.

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