Cover Reveal! My NEW BOOK!

Oh my, this is weird… A cover reveal… And its for MY BOOK! lol.

Storytellers On Tour Presents: Helpless by Tiffany Christina Lewis
It’s my name! lol

Obviously, I didn’t sign up for me own cover reveal but I had to reveal my own cover!! I am so excited about sharing this book with you all! My passion for Women’s Lit has been intense lately. In a good way! This book, as well as my last release, Alyssa Fairfield, featured Female Leads. Although I typically write Crime Fiction, this book is also so exciting for me because I am showcasing my skills in other genres for the first time!

So, here is the Blurb!

“Finally, a book dedicated to the craziness, determination, and spirit of grit that women possess.” — Janae Bunn

Women are powerful and can be rational thinkers under pressure. They can also be devious and vengeful. A woman is not just a ball of emotions. Women can fight, they can protect, and they can win.

These eight stories of women kicking ass, standing tall, and refusing to be victims are Tiffany’s opposition to the tropes of true crime. With stories from five genres including Horror, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Romance, and Crime Fiction, you are sure to find a story you love.

“Tiffany Christina Lewis branches out with new stories that will have you at the edge of your seat and wanting more! Her writing now explores the realms of horror, science fiction and romance with short stories that will entrance her readers.” — Joseph S. Samaniego author of the Legends of the Carolyngian Age series

And Here. Is. The. Cover!

Simple, yet elegant! In my opinion :)

Title: Helpless: A Short Story collection
Release Date: May 28, 2021
Genre: Short Story Collection, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Crime Fiction, Adventure, Romance
Age Group: 18+
Content and Trigger Warnings available at

AND NOW for something Extra Special! Excerpts! Thanks to my amazing illustrator Ashlee Griffin I have these AMAZING Character Portraits! Check out these beautiful images and read a few bits of each story below!

And this is just three of eight! Pre-Order my opposition to True Crime where Women kick ass and are much more than just victims!

One more thing! If you order a paperback from my publisher’s website (link below), you will be entered to win a swag pack! Rules are linked on the sales page and I’ll blog them out later today!

Pre-Order Links:

Paperback + Swag Giveaway!
Kindle eBook –
More Markets Coming Soon!

Author Bio: It’s Me!

Tiffany is the author of six books and has been published more than a dozen times in anthologies and magazines.

She is also a publisher at Rebellion LIT who works tirelessly to support other authors looking to bring their art to the world.

She resides in Sacramento, CA with her family and Miniature Pinscher.

Author Links: Mine!

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