Book Review: Psycho’s Anonymous

Psychos Anonymous by Cedrick E. Wilson is a crime fiction novel with intriguing characters and an interesting twist that makes for a unique second half.

Psychos Anonymous: The Killer Network (THE KILLER NETWORK TRILOGY Book 1) by [Cedrick E. Wilson]
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Title: Psychos Anonymous
Author: Cedrick E. Wilson
Release: October 2019
Genre: Crime Fiction, Thriller
Goodreads Link: Here

After overstepping his bounds on his last crime, a murderer attempts to find help on a serial killer website, aptly named REDRUM. There, a psychiatrist who thinks he can cure psychotic killers reaches out to him and others feeling the same desire for change. Now, six masked murders join the good doctor for Psychos Anonymous, but is one of them seeking something different?

The characters in this book are interesting. As a crime fiction author and huge fan of true crime, I love all the different motives and styles of the killers. Being so well read in the area, I did find that I recognized all of motives of our characters. Crime has been around since the start of human existence so most crime styles aren’t new but what I would have liked to see was how each character really put a creative or personal spin on their crime. My favorite characters were definitely BK and Justice. They were smart and that’s what I like in a criminal.

This book was centered in our world. For setting, the main locations were well described and easy to “see” but the feeling of “the whole world” was missing for me. In a place so riddled with crime, and a detective story to boot, I really like to know the whole locale a bit more. Detectives get around, they have tons of cases, so seeing the whole world always feels good in that sense. Overall though, I thought Wilson did a good job of keeping us grounded in the major locations in the book such as the meeting place and well used living and work spaces.

The plot of this story was surprising. On the front of it, it’s a bit dystopian where the idea of crime running rampant in one city and a therapy group for killers can exist outside of a prison, but on the back end, this story is much more grounded in reality. This is good and bad for the story. I love a good twist, which this book has, but the twist here actually took me out of the almost surreal feeling the book started with. It was almost like two different stories once the twist was revealed. At the same time, I liked both stories. lol. They were both very intriguing but… man that ending. I don’t wanna spoil it, but gosh, I wasn’t crazy about the ending. With a book like this, that examines right and wrong, I understand why the author took that route however.

Wilson’s writing style was easy to handle and not overly complicated. As I said, his descriptions are good and the major parts of the world were easy to see. The characters were well developed, as their essence revolved around their crime, and the plot was interesting. Overall, I would recommend this book to someone who maybe hasn’t had a ton of experience with crime fiction. It’s a fun way to get into the genre and learn some of the attributes of the crime fiction category.

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