Book Review: Her Pefect Cup of Tea

Her Perfect Cup of Tea by Lavina Serrao is a short story packed with subtle but effective character development, a little intrigue and romance to top it off.

Her Perfect Cup Of Tea by [Lavina Serrao]
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Title: Her Perfect Cup of Tea
Author: Lavina Serrao
Release: January 2021
Genre: Romance, Short Story
Goodreads Link: Here

She loves her morning cup of tea, brewed to perfection and this cup of tea dictates the tone of her day. Her cup of tea comforts her. But when a strange man begins to follow her, she wants to understand why. And in her attempt to understand what he wants of her, she misses her cup of tea. And the comforts it brings to her. Will he take it away from her?

I was pleasantly surprised at how developed the characters were in this book. In 21 pages, Serrao was able to really make the characters shine. The activities of the characters, their behaviors and habits really defined them. Serrao has a masterful way of showing how the characters feel with very little dialogue. It feels natural and it’s not forced at all.

The world in this story is small. There are a few locations used again and again, but this is actually excellent for the story. It adds another layer of character development because we really get to know each area and how the characters use it. The way Serrao describes everything is simple and to the point, but then she shows you more of the setting by placing the characters firmly inside of it.

I found the plot so romantic and sweet but also subtle. It even kind of starts off with a little intrigue. We were started with a bit of a mystery and as things progressed, the true essence of the story is revealed. It all progressed at a good pace and it became a page turner very quickly. The idea of the mystery was really the draw for me and then Serrao was able to segue smoothly into the depth of the story.

Serrao’s writing style is easy to read, another thing that makes it a page turner and the stories themes of trust and accepting change are well done. Overall I really enjoyed this short story! I would recommend it to anyone interested in reading a unique, sweet kind of romance with strong character development and a well rounded story line.

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