Good news!

It’s never really done until the Editor says so! And the great one has spoken! I got back the FINAL edits from my editor!

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On top of that! I also got back another illustration! I should be getting a third today and that would be all I need to order my merch for the giveaway I’m planning.

So here is the bad news:

Now I have to make the last tiniest little edits and format my manuscript for publication. Formatting is like swallowing sand. WAY worse than editing. Fight me if you don’t agree.

Oh, I had an interesting experience related to formatting lately. I put out a tweet asking for recommendations for a professional formatter – is that a word? lol. Basically, I wanted to find someone who would take my money and do the formatting for me… Well, I got a barrage of people suggesting books and resources so I could do it myself. I calmly explained to everyone that I wasn’t looking for assistance on how to do it myself, I was looking for someone to do it FOR ME. Not only was this in my tweet but replied to lots of people to clarify. Well, I got one guy who replied to me advertising his own book. When I kindly told him that I wanted to pay someone to do it for me, he basically tweeted me back to tell me that I shouldn’t want that…

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Don’t be that person, guys…

Long story short, I will be formatting my own book because I can’t afford the service this time… but that doesn’t mean I wont spring for it next time!

Also, getting more illustrations back means I have to spend money to order merch. lol. This is more fun than formatting but still… Money gone. lol.

All for a good cause!

In other news, I have:

  • Completed the trailer
  • Animated the book cover
  • Began creating mockups
  • Designed animated images
  • Started working on my Press Kit

Among other things! The major task though is editing, so I’m off! More updates coming soon!

2 thoughts on “THE COLLECTION: UPDATE Six

  1. If you think formatting is worse than editing, I’m guessing you haven’t been faced with removing 30,000 beloved words from a novel. Formatting is a comparative breeze.

    In other words, “Put up your dukes. Put ’em up, put ’em up!”

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