Cover Reveal: The Italian Happy Ever After

Time for a cover reveal! This one is pretty sexy! Keep scrolling to read short except!

Title: The Italian Happy Ever After
Author: N.J. Adel
Genre: Rom-Com
Release Date: March 12, 2021
Model: Luciano Dino Endrizzi
Photographer: Dalia Hazza
Goodreads: HERE

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It started with a thong.
A laundry mix-up sends Manhattan’s answer to Magic Mike and his sequined, studded thongs to my office.
Fabio Zappa or “Fab” as he conceitedly likes to be called is a male **ahem** stripper/escort and is indeed fabulous.
Too fabulous to be offering me, a penniless widow that’s double his age, a free night with the “full package.”
Why would he offer to be the fake fiancé I desperately need to keep away my obnoxious rival that has always wanted to steal my company–and me on the side–after my husband died?
Unless Fab is sent by said rival to spy on the secret deal that will save the company from him…

I accept the “generous” offer to discover the truth. But when I do, I find out nothing is what it seems.
And what starts as fake could turn out to be the most real thing I could ask for.

The Italian Happy Ever After is a forbidden age gap, fake fiancé, office rom com, widow/single dad that will make you laugh, cry and melt your panties.

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“You need a date for the night. I’m offering my services…the full package.” He drew back a little, just enough to make me see his full face, where my gaze was level with his very biteable mouth. Then his finger lifted my chin so I’d meet his eyes. “First night on the house.”  He winked. WINKED.

I blinked like an idiot, standing there like a brunette Barbie, the actual lyrics of Barbie Girl playing in my head. You can brush my hair, undress me everywheeeeere… “No. No! Nope. Uh-uh.”

He looked at me like I was a crazy person. Of course, a middle-aged widow rejecting a free night—did he actually offer me a night with him for free or did I imagine it?—with this, all this… My tongue licked my lips again as I took in his frame one more time. I closed my eyes before they wandered to his sweatpants.

Author Bio

N. J. Adel, the author of All the Teacher’s Pets, Her Royal Harem, The Italians and I Hate You then I Love You series, is a cross genre author. From chocolate to books and book boyfriends, she likes it DARK and SPICY.

Mafia bosses, psycho anti-heroes, bikers, rock stars, dirty Hollywood heartthrobs, supes, smexy guards and men who serve. She loves it all.

She is a loather of cats and thinks they are Satan’s pets. She used to teach English by day and write fun smut by night with her German Shepherd, Leo. Now, she only writes the fun smut.

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