The Collection: Update Five


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I wanted to give you an update on my short story collection! Check out my other updates here.

I am totally jacked about this collection. Even more so now that I have spoken to my editor again!

My amazing editor sent back the manuscript! She absolutely made me smile. First, the manuscript wasn’t as trashed as I thought. lol. I think most authors believe their work is terrible and that they are going to see a million and one errors from an editor so this was a pleasant surprise. Here is a little snippet of our work together.

The other, super cool thing: My editor totally validated my romance story. This story has been eating me up because I’m not strong in the genre and it wasn’t well loved by my beta readers. My editor however, understood the direction I was going and said “The main genre requirements with a romance are that the relationship is tied in with the plot resolution, and there’s an HEA. Gia’s story totally fits in with that.”

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I think this whole thing goes to show that sometimes your story just has to get to the right audience.

Something else exciting happened! One piece of my SWAG arrived! I’m gonna share it with you right now, but don’t get used to this! I’m not going to share everything!

These customized pencils are just 1 of the 5 things I’m offering in my swag package with this new book, and yes, I’m giving away BOTH customizations. I was so happy to see these bad boys in the mail, I literally screamed. The craftsmanship is really good and they sent me a few that were misprinted. That gave me the chance to sharpen a few and check out the overall quality!

Speaking of swag, I’ll be writing a long article on my swag and where I got it. Stay tuned!

Last, and related to Swag, I reached out to my illustrator today to check in. We chatted about her progress and solidified some details. I also made a request for a particular portrait so I can finish my swag.

Yes this swag is a big deal! lol.

More to come!

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