Book Review: Luxuria

Luxuria is an easy to read book with a good balance of erotic and adventure scenes. Author James Fuller creates a wild story – in more ways than one!

Luxuria by [James Fuller, Donna B]
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Title: Luxuria
Author: James Fuller
Genre: Erotica, Fantasy
Audible Link: Here
Goodreads: Here

With the whispers of a dead man echoing promises of power, wealth and desire, the path of four friends to paradise is laid out in the bones of those who learned too late what is waiting beyond the mist of time.

I listened to this book via Audible, so the feelings I have about this book are also based on the job done by the narrator. I enjoyed the plot of this book. I am not a big adventure book reader but this book covered all the bases of the adventure movies I enjoy. The epic adventure the characters wanted definitely was represented in the plot! The fantasy elements were all there as well. Lot’s of magic and mayhem. There was a great balance of sex and plot so that’s always good.

As for the characters, the narrator does try to use different voices for each character but they aren’t perfect. So this starts my issues with the characters. I didn’t have an issue with them overall, but they were hard to get comfortable with because the men’s voices seemed so similar. I had to develop my relationships with each character by trying to analyze their behavior. For instance, the male characters were definitely written to have differing personalities: the playboy, the smart one, the other guy, but during the reading I had to really focus to differentiate them and that’s not something I want to focus on with an audiobook.

I thought the world building in this story was okay. Fuller described the settings that really needed to be described but also left some things to our imaginations. I could indeed “see” every setting within the story. Setting aside, the biggest and best part of the world is the mythology. I loved the idea of the ancient history of the location and the women who were “working hard” to get it back to it’s glory. The plotting and planning they did to get everyone to do their bidding was clever and I appreciate their smarts and willingness to do anything for it.

This brings me to the end of the story. Before reading, I did research the book which inevitably means running to reviews. I have to say although I don’t totally agree with other reviewers, but I did need a little bit more in the ending. Everything was going well, things were falling into place, but the ending just kinda flattened out. It was a good, closed circle, coming back around from the beginning, but what was missing was a definite, tight closure by way of just one or two more sentences to completely tie it back to the beginning. Without giving away too much, one more bit of dialogue that mirrored the start of the story was missing that would have sealed the deal for me.

Overall, I can’t complain about this story! Had I read it as an eBook I think I may have been more attached to the characters, but I thought it was well done and I would recommend it to a friend.


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