Book Review: Becoming the Hitman

Becoming the Hitman by Hayley Faiman is a steamy romance with a touch of mafia style murder.

Becoming the Hitman (Zanetti Famiglia Book 5) by [Hayley  Faiman, Pink Ink Designs, Ellie McLove]
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Title: Becoming the Hitman (Zanetti Famiglia Book 5)
Author: Hayley Faiman
Release: January, 2021
Genre: Mafia Romance, Suspense
Cover Design: Pink Ink Designs
Goodreads Link: Here

This first person narrative follows Siobahn and Renzo. Siobahn takes a chance one night with a handsome American—a possibly too handsome American. Their actions, their attraction, it changes the course of their lives completely. This book chronicles their relationship, and the huge changes they undergo to (hopefully) make a better life together.

To start, I loved every single character in this book. The bad guys were real bad, and the good guys were kinda neutral. It’s a mafia life thing I guess. lol. The men are expected to be a little heartless. However, the main characters, primarily Renzo’s famiglia, were likable, despite their hard exterior. Faiman did a beautiful job showing their humanity. Siobahn had some weaknesses that were a little frustrating for me at first but I did enjoy her and the character was very well written. She was a bit naive but she was strong, sweet, smart and very thoughtful. Renzo actually ended up being my favorite character. I loved his tough exterior and sexy dominance, but Faiman showed the cracks in his armor, again making him feel very human.

For the world building, I felt all the settings were well written and lived in. Transitions were good from one location to the other and Faiman didn’t over explain. She struck a good balance between letting us know what we were seeing and letting our imaginations work. As for the theme of this book, I can only think of getting comfortable taking chances as an overall way to describe the theme for this book. Siobahn had to really let her guard down to reap the benefits of her strange relationship with Renzo and I think that’s what made it easy to relate with her. What would you do if someone tried to claim you, in more ways than one?

I enjoyed Faiman’s writing style. it was simple and easy to read. She didn’t use over complicated words and the jargon and Italian used in the story was easy to understand. With 1st person narratives there is often a thin line between repetition and character development. Since the character is telling the story and often reflects on the things that are going on around them, this creates situations where they are thinking about things we’ve already experienced and here we get repetition. Also, Renzo loves the F word! lol. Outside of that, Faiman did a great job using the writing style to make the characters and situations feel realistic and entertaining. The dialogue was VERY good and enhanced the story.

There were a few things left open-ended and I’m wondering if we will see more of Siobahn and Renzo in the future to tie up those loose ends. I found the plot of this story very unique, action packed and it fed my need for vengeance! I won’t spoil anything, but I’ll just say that Faiman took good care of the readers who wanted some retribution.

I’d recommend this book for anyone who enjoys steamy love scenes, mafia action, great character development and ruthless payback.

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