New Year! New Blog!

Hey hey!

Here is a little list of how my blog will change next year! I’m excited!

  • First, I’m changing the LOOK of the blog. I want to focus on showcasing images more than words in 2021 since I always share fun gifs and tons of book covers, I want people to see those as soon as they show up to the site!
  • I am going to focus a lot on reviewing books but I’m going to do my best to keep my site authentic. I have an issue with review sites that are very cookie cutter and just use PR firms copy and paste documents for their reviews. There are somethings I certainly need to use when the company or author provides it to me, but putting my own touch on everything is really important to me.
  • I’m scheduling myself more carefully this year so you should notice clear timings for when I’m accepting books and doing lots of reviews, compared to when I’m taking time off to release my own books or focusing on other tasks.
  • I’m planning a readers choice award next year! I’m still working out the details but I’m hoping to offer the nominee’s books to readers before hand so they can have a chance to read it, and then voting would commence shorty after. Timing is everything so there is much planning to do.
  • You might see ads on my blog in the new year. I want anything I do for authors and readers to be free. Ads make that possible.
  • I plan to do more journaling this year. Chronicling my journey to publication is fun!

That’s it so far, but I’m sure more will come. I always think up ways to keep busy and share books!

4 thoughts on “New Year! New Blog!

  1. Looking forward to the changes! The clever little gifs you insert are always entertaining, and I appreciate your novel perspective on reviews.

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