Book Review: Ten Journeys on a Fragile Planet

Ten Journeys on a Fragile Planet by Rod Taylor is a non-fiction book where the author interviews ten outstanding Australians who are doing some amazing things to confront the perilous state of the environment.

Ten Journeys on a Fragile Planet by [Rod Taylor]
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Taylor explains that humanity is sliding toward a collision between global warming, resource depletion, and population growth and reminds us how we are hampered by anti-science demagogues who tell us everything’s okay. The discussions with these experts, business people, and activists remind us that something can be done to save our planet.

I haven’t read a non-fiction book in a while and this has proven to be a great book to return to more serious topics from fiction. I enjoyed meeting these 10 people who make our planet’s safety a priority. Taylor does an amazing job pointing out the good and bad that has affected each of the people he features in this novel. There are a lot of combatants to these efforts and sometimes those people championing for good, have to get a little dirty. Taylor doesn’t hide these facts and remains impartial throughout.

I most enjoyed reading about Olympia Yarger, the maggot farmer. As an educator, it’s interesting for me to see someone find their purpose so late in life and when flies get involved, it seemed even more fascinating. All the professionals featured in the book had unique stories, however. I learned something from each and every one of them.

Speaking of learning something, I appreciated Taylor’s writing style throughout. This book covers a lot of topics that I had no idea about. Even the intricacies of a fly’s life cycle were fascinating and this was all new information to me. Taylor put down the facts in an easy-to-understand way even when it came to physics and deep political plotting. The gravity of this book is that Taylor interviewed 10 very different people in Australia, but as an American, I fully related to the countries struggles, from nasty politicians to news media who leech off misfortune and spread lies. We are truly one and the same in our struggle to save the planet.

If you have any love for our planet, this book is for you. It is a great showing of the options we truly have to save our planet.

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