Book Review: Children of Hope

Children of Hope by Michael C. Fine is a wild story, and so important for our times. Fine does not stray from the tough topic of women’s reproductive rights and his story makes you think while also entertaining you.

Children of Hope by [Michael Fine]
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Title: Children of Hope
Author: Michael C. Fine
Release: November 2020
Genre: Political Thriller
Goodreads Link: Here

Eight years after her sister dies from complications related to delivering an unwanted pregnancy, Hope is a medical-school resident researching artificial wombs, hoping to help girls and women extract embryos early in their pregnancies. When Hope hears that a powerful conservative Senator wants to pass a nationwide anti-abortion ban, she decides to fight back by impregnating him with a bomb-strapped artificial womb. Live on C-SPAN.

Starting with characters, Hope was definitely high on my favs list. She was tough, smart, and stubborn in a good way. All the adversity the team faced in the book did not deter her from her mission. One issue pops up, she might sulk for a little while, but with the help of friends, she always has a new plan and is ready to roll! The rest of the team assisting Hope was a crew of grizzled, badasses with the skills to pull off this wild plan of hers. They were all well written and added a fun, action element to the story.

The world this story was based in has a weird way of feeling like the far future but this is because the idea of women losing their rights in such a way is so devastating that it can only happen in a far, far, unknown future. I’m talking 3001. But this story does not take place in the 3000’s. That’s what makes it so vivid. The settings are plain old-world settings: a diner, offices, apartments, but that feeling of “this must be the future” really touches everything.

Fine does an excellent job of keeping this story palatable. The subject matter is very sensitive but Michael is delicate with the details. He is still able to tell a story with all of the emotion of those events, however. This is very important because these tragic events could have easily overshadowed the fictional adventure that Fine is producing for us.

Speaking of adventure, what an inventive plot! This story will stay with me. Following Hope through all the twists and turns of trying to execute her plan was a serious adventure. I can’t say which part of the story was the most hard-hitting for me because that would spoil it but I’ll just say, pay close attention when Hope tells three ancient stories to a very attentive audience!

Last, Fine’s writing style is clean and easy to read. No over-complicated language. There is a lot of historical information and legal jargon in the story but it absolutely belongs here. Even with that, I had no trouble reading and understanding this story. Very well done!

Highly recommended read!

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